A memorable honeymoon in the backwater paradise, Alleppey

honeymoon packages in kerala

Filled with a number of plantations mainly tea and coconut, Kerala is one fascinating travel destination that would entice and enchant the travellers visiting a greater extent. It is mostly the rich greenery and the climate of the place that attracted me the most. The misty hill stations, rich green and aromatic plantations, the complex inland water are the entire thing that made the place one of the best travel destinations to the south. With a number of fascinating attractions for couples, the place is also referred to as the best honeymooner’s paradise. It was mainly the travel descriptions and the natural wonders and the attraction of the place that made me choose Kerala, as my honeymoon destination.

Like all the other honeymoon couples I was not much into luxury, instead, the both of us were more interested in exploring nature and making unique memories outside a luxurious room or hotel. As my husband was a bit busy with the office works it was my responsibility to organise the trip or call it selecting the required best honeymoon packages in kerala and the travel operator with whom we would travel. It was after googling for 3 whole days that I finally fixed my travel destination to be Alleppey, the backwater paradise and the travel operators with whom we would travel to be escape to kerala, a travel operator functioning in the state. As the package we chose did not include the flight ticket to the Kochi international airports, our honeymoon trip actually started after the both of us landing at the Kochi international airport.

Honeymoon in Kerala would be the one thing that the couples would always love enjoying as the place holds within a number of fascinating attractions that would entertain the travellers to a greater extent. With all the charm and potential for travel and tourism, Kerala is one best kerala tour packages spot to the south.

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